The first ever Autumn Championship has ended, and it was a good one. We had some known faces competing, as well as some new names showing up in the Top 8. Some players made insane runs through the bracket, while others had a clean sweep to the Grand Finals.

It started off with the European 1v1 bracket on Saturday. The Blew Crew cheered as Blew took the first place finish in a gut wrenching and fist clenching finish over Cake. Blew lost to Cake in the Winners Finals 3-1, beat simpLe in Losers Finals 3-0, went back up to Grands and reset the bracket with a 3-0. In the final set, it was back and forth – Cake and Blew trading games and blows until game 5. Cake had a monstrous lead, about 1.5 stocks over a red, final stock of Blew. It was an intense finish, each player fighting for that final blow, neither one of them wanting to give an inch to the opponent. After what felt like ages, Blew was able to find the finishing hit with a precision neutral light and follow up weapon toss. Congratulations to all three of these players, Blew, Cake, and simpLe. Lower in the Top 8, we saw some familiar faces, the likes of M for Mini, VipR3 and hermisen all placing well.

In North America, the up and comer, Ethan, was looking to make a similarly impressive run before he came up against the unstoppable, three time, back to back, seasonal champion, STTP Wilson! This is huge momentum for the North American player dominating the online championships. Close behind him, Ethan has been on a tear lately. Coming up from the community and challenging top players weekly, Ethan has shown he and his scythe are a force to be reckoned with. In third place, the North American “Axe God,” Isidroo, powered through his opponents beating out the top Power Ranking player, Boomie, 2-0. Boomie had quite the run for himself that day, falling to his rival Simba, he tore through the lower bracket, beating the World Champion LDZ, taking out the DreamHack Austin Champion Cosolix, overcoming the DreamHack Montreal and DreamHack Valencia Champion noeL, and made it all the way to 4th place.

That wasn’t it for the weekend though because the next day was 2v2s. Blew proved he’s not only dominant in the 1v1 scene, but also the 2v2 scene as he, along with the 3rd place finisher in 1v1s simpLe, dominated the bracket beating M for Mini/Goosey in Winners Finals and Grand Finals. Aerial and hermisen finished with a very respectable 3rd place finishing over the 2 most well known EU 2v2 teams, VipR3/Aggz0 and Addymestic/Cake. We also saw some up and comers, Blaze/Luc, Vortex./Pavelski and Fizz/Goldie place Top 8. Luc had a notable performance with his offstage Ulgrim plays by really pushing the aerial movement of Ulgrim to its limits. Pavelski had stand out moments as well with his insane Gauntlet plays on Twilight Grove.

The NA region saw something a bit more familiar in 2v2 with Boomie/Remmy finishing first. T1FF4NY/Starlight took second place, just below their first place finish in the Summer Championship, but clearly showing they’re prepared for 2v2 competition. In 3rd place, the brand new team of Simba/SillyGobi had a fantastic finish. This was their third tournament together as a team, and they’ve placed Top 3 in all of them. Across Top 8, we saw familiar faces, Phazon/LilCapped, noeL/ithrowow, Ethan/Sandstorm and some nostalgia names Pugsyxd/bacon_ and LDZ/eggsoup. Pugsyxd famously went through 2017 without playing in a tournament, showed up at the World Championship and placed 7th. He’s a player you can never count out.

Lastly here are some players and their history, so you’ll know who you’ll see on the World Championship stage.

  • LDZ – 2 time world champion in 1v1s. He was at one point the most dominating 1v1 player in the game. Largely absent in the 2018 season, he plans to return to the World Championship and get the three-peat victory.
  • Boomie – Top Power Ranked player. Boomie is one of the most consistent Brawlhalla players in the scene and has won every offline tournament this year as well as last year’s 2v2 World Championship with his teammate Remmy.
  • Addymestic – Playing for @teamPHZfi, Addymestic is the top Power Ranked EU player. Along with his teammate Cake, Addymestic dominated the end of 2017 and early 2018 online 2v2 tournaments. Addymestic also took 2nd place at the 2017 World Championship in 1v1s and 2v2s
  • noeL – Playing for @SpacestationGG, noeL is one of the most consistent placing North American players. He placed 1st in DreamHack Valencia and DreamHack Summer, and got 2nd at DreamHack Montreal
  • VipR3 – He is considered one of the best in Europe and a master of the Blasters weapon. He placed Top 3 in 1v1 and 2v2 at DreamHack Summer, placed 2nd in 2v2 at Valencia, and made top 8 in 1v1 and 2v2 at DreamHack Montreal.
  • Cake – Another one of the European favorites. He has been the long time 2v2 partner of Addymestic and dominated alongside him from 2017 to 2018. Most recently he took 2nd place in the Autumn Championship in 1v1, literally 1 hit from getting the gold.
  • Aggz0 – The EU partner of VipR3, Aggz0 placed incredibly well in the offline tournaments as well as making a name for himself with his Jhala.
  • Remmy – Playing for @SetToDestroyX and the long time 2v2 partner of Boomie, Remmy is considered one of the best 2v2 players in the world and at one point was also one of the best 1v1 players in the world. Remmy is also 2017’s 2v2 World Champion
  • Phazon – Playing for @MnTEsports, Phazon along with his teammate Lil Capped dominated the NA online 2v2 scene and have been Boomie and Remmy’s closest rivals throughout the year. Phazon himself had one of the most prolific Vals in North America.
  • Lil Capped – Playing for @RCGEsportsHub, Lil Capped is the pea to Phazon’s pod. Lil Capped is a Bödvar maniac. He’s got some of the most unorthodox plays with his precision spot dodging and home run swings. He’s also a well established Tekken player, so catch him on that stage between Brawlhalla sets.
  • Diakou – The old man of Brawlhalla. Playing for @gankstars, Diakou has been playing Brawlhalla longer than anyone on this list. He was the first adopter of Axe, and dominated the game back when he had to play from Europe to the North American servers because there were no European servers yet. He is also one of the 2016 2v2 World Champions.
  • Dobrein – Dobrein is one of the smartest players in the game. He has placed Top 8 with almost every weapon in the game at this point and is very aware of the small nuances of each of them. 4th place in the previous World Championship, he is a strong contender for gold this year.
  • Isidroo – The North American “Axe God”, playing for @FlashPointGG, Isidroo has shown he can chop down the competition with his heavy swinging Axe plays and wild signature usage.
  • STTP WILSON – The back to back to back Seasonal Champion. STTP WILSON is one of the oldest top players in the game. He has self professed that he will do what it takes to get in his opponents heads and throw them off their game. Watch out for his Ragnir fireballs because WILSON spits fire.
  • Cosolix – “The Kid”, the DreamHack Austin Champion. Cosolix is arguably the best Lance player in Brawlhalla and not to be trifled with. He took the victory at Austin to start the 2018 season and is looking to take the victory in Atlanta to cap it off.
  • Wrenchd – Playing for @Wildcard_GG, Wrenchd is one of the best Katars players around. He placed 2nd at Austin and 3rd at Montreal, but recent rumours say he’s been working on his Scythe.
  • Tiger – Hailing from Southeast Asia, he’s been the number one player in his region for 3 years now. He’s taken 1st in the last 3 SEA major tournaments and has close to a 95% win-rate in ranked with an astonishing 121-7 record as of writing this.
  • Fiend – Hailing from the Brazil region, Fiend has placed Top 2 in every major he’s participated in this year, taking 1st in both Brazil Championships. This will be his second time at the World Championship and many eyes will be on him as the representative player of Brazil.
  • Rite – Hailing from Australia, he’s dethroned the region’s previous king, Kylar Alice. He’s placed Top 2 in the last 3 majors he participated in. This will be his first time participating at the World Championship.