Esports Report – Week of May 31

Esports Report – Week of May 31

Tournament Results from Last Week 


Combo Breaker Results
LAN 1v1, SS, $3640

1st – FlashPoint | noeL
2nd – SetToDestroyX | ithrowow
3rd – Reason | Cake
4th – VexX | Doppey
5th – Reason | Addymestic
5th – Fable | wrenchd
7th – Denial | Boomie
7th – Reason | Ephi

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Brazil Brawlhalla Series #2 Results
BRZ 1v1, AAA, $1000

1st – Emperor of Shurima
2nd – Brollyyy
3rd – StarDeath
4th – Fiend

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Upcoming Tournaments

BCS Summer Slam!


This one’s gonna be a scorcher, so get ready for five weeks of intense 1v1 competitive play covering both the **European and North American Regions**!

Here’s how each week will work:

+ Week 1 will start with NA, where top 16 will qualify in a AAA tournament for a 32-player $1500 Finals in Week 5.
+ Week 2 will be the same but for EU.
+ Week 3 will be back to NA, where players who didn’t qualify top 16 can try to, or those that did qualify can fight to better their seed.
+ Week 4 will mimic week 3 but for the EU region.
+ As you can probably guess, Week 5 will be the final 32-player tournament for each individual region (Saturday for NA and Sunday for EU).

Back by popular demand, all tournaments will have pools up to top 8 on Saturday, and all top 8 matches will be Best of 5 and held on Sunday.


Gravy Cancel

NA 2v2, AA, $500 | June 23rd-30th


SEA Championship

Monthly SEA 1v1, AAA, $500 | June 24th


Reminder that you can find links to register for upcoming tournaments at

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