The NA & EU Mammoth Arcadian showcased many of the up and coming players of both regions. Results predictions were difficult to make as both brackets contained veterans who have won numerous tournaments in the past and younger players who are placing higher and higher every official event.

In Europe, Magi and Koko met in the Winners Finals and fought multiple game five sets all the way into the Grand Final Reset. Magi, sticking with Ember as their Legend of choice, came out on top in game five and won.

In North America, Impala and Maid fought head to head and Impala was just too tough to stop. Wubz made an amazing performance in the lower bracket after their loss to Synco, but Maid proved to be too tough to stop. Even then, in the Grand Final, Impala was unstoppable and won the set 3-1.

Here are the results for the EU & NA Mammoth Arcadian 2021!

EU Mammoth Arcadian 2021 VOD
NA Mammoth Arcadian 2021 VOD

EU Mammoth Arcadian 2021 Bracket

NA Mammoth Arcadian 2021 Bracket

That’s it for this weekend of Brawlhalla Esports results! The action never stops during the Brawlhalla Esports Year six – this weekend on September 18th will be the Mammoth Invitational for Europe and North America!

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