Midwest sweeps MDVA and moves on to face Northeast in the 2021 Pro Series Final!

Midwest sweeps MDVA and moves on to face Northeast in the 2021 Pro Series Final!

Week three of the 2021 North America Pro Series decided which two teams made it to the Pro Series Final! The results of Day 5 determined which two teams would play off in the Semi-Final that was scheduled to take place the very next day.

Here are the results of the first weekend of the 2021 North American Pro Series!


For the first time in the Pro Series, Team Midwest brought Boomie out of their crew battle line-up and fielded him in 2v2s. Wrenchd was selected to take the head-to-head with Sandstorm in both the crew battle and the tiebreaker. Fortunately for Northeast, the match did not even make it to a tiebreaker, as Sandstorm beat Wrenchd overall in the crew battle portion of the match while Boomie and T1FF4NY were taken care of by the team of Simba and Santy.

MDVA and Canada were up next. The crew battle went to last stock, red damage in game two where Lil Capped made an incredible comeback against Crockie to win 2-0. In 2v2s, MDVA had STTP Wilson played in place of Remmy and brought their opponents all the way to a game five where Pugsyxd and ithrowow secured Team Canada the win. Sting Ray looked nigh unstoppable in the tiebreaker against Megd, taking the 1v1 with a 2-0 scoreline and securing MDVA the win.

Team South made quick work of Team West in the crew battle and then fielded their alternate, Experience, to fight alongside Parallel in the 2v2 against Blaizzy and Luna. Team South took an impressive game one victory, but the experienced synergy of Team West proved too much to handle and 2v2s ended in their favor, 3-1. Ethan dueled Java in the tiebreaker and Ethan came out on top, securing Team South a victory over Team West.

The results of Day 5 of the 2021 North America Pro Series decided that Team Northeast would progress straight to the Final, while the next two teams with the best records, Midwest and MDVA, would face off in the Semi-Final for the second finalist spot.

The Pro Series Semi-Final featured a modified format. Crew Battles in this format are a best of five, 2v2s are a best of nine, and the tiebreaker is a best of five. This format will also be used in the Final.

Last week, Team MDVA defeated Team Midwest in a surprising upset where Sting Ray defeated Boomie in the tiebreaker. This led to team Midwest creating a new strategy that resulted in a crushing victory.

Boomie was paired with Phazon in 2v2s and Wrenchd was tasked with being the player responsible for having an explosive start in crews and he truly lived up to that task. Lil Capped nearly had the best comeback of the entire Pro Series in game four of the crew battle but couldn’t take the sixth and final stock he needed to bring crew battles to a game five. Once 2v2s came around, Remmy and Cody Travis were simply no match for Boomie and Phazon.

Midwest won and has qualified to fight Team Northeast in the Pro Series Final.

That’s it for the third weekend of the 2021 North American Pro Series! Tune in this weekend to watch Team Midwest and Team Northeast face off in the Pro Series Final.

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