New Esports Colors are coming soon!

New Esports Colors are coming soon!

This past Monday, a whole bunch of Esports Announcements were made on the Esports Dev Stream!

The Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2021 is now open for registration, the Parsec Invitational for EU and NA will be streamed at the beginning of June, and the Esports Color V.2 set was revealed!

This rare new color scheme will be available for the first time as a Viewership Reward for catching the Brawlhalla PRO SERIES live.

The Parsec Invitational is a special new event that will be featuring the best players in North America and Europe fight amongst their own region!

The tournament will be held on the weekend of June 5th and will feature Viewership Rewards, including the exclusive Parsec Avatar.

After the Parsec Invitational will be the Brawlhalla PRO SERIES!

The Pro Series will be a month long event throughout July and will feature a number of unique Viewership Rewards.

The new, rare Esports Color V.2 will be available during this event alongside Esports Color V.1!

Esports Color V.1 will still be available throughout the rest of 2021.

And finally, the next open registration event has been announced! The Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2021 will begin on August 14th.

It will feature its very own unique Viewership Rewards like every other seasonal championship! Stay tuned to future Monday Esports Dev Streams to find out what those are as soon as possible.

That’s all of our awesome Brawlhalla Esports Announcements!

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