The 2021 North America Pro Series continues! This weekend featured a number of surprising upsets on day one, with day two being the day that decided who would remain undefeated between Northeast and MDVA.

Here are the results of the second weekend of the 2021 North American Pro Series!


Team South pressured Team Northeast in game one of the crew battles by taking game one, but after that first small victory, Northeast responded by not letting South have anything more.

Team MDVA opened up their match against Team Midwest with a stellar breakdown of their decisions behind their player placement, narrated by their coach and alternate: STTP Wilson. They opened up with Sting Ray in the crew battle to counteract Boomie’s explosive opening strategy, but Midwest proved to be too strong in the crew battle format.

In 2v2s, Cody Travis and Remmy brought Phazon and T1FF4NY to game five and secured a victory bringing the match to a tiebreaker. Sting Ray leveled up in the tiebreaker and brought Boomie to game three in the tiebreaker. He won the match in a last stock, red damage scenario, securing MDVA the upset over Midwest.

Team West versus Team Canada was the next upset to be had, with Team West once again showcasing their awesome counter-pick strategies when it comes to shuffling their players between the crew battle and 2v2 portions of the pro series. When it came time for the tiebreaker, Java fought against MegD and secured Team West their first victory of the pro series.

The two winningest teams went head to head at the beginning of day four to see who would remain undefeated. Northeast dominated the crew battles and MDVA won the 2v2, bringing everything down to the tiebreaker. Sandstorm opened up with Volkov against Sting Ray’s asuri and was defeated, forcing him to break out Mordex, his trump card. What happened afterwards was utter destruction, and Team Northeast came out on top.

Team West went for the incredibly risky strategy of trying to take Team Midwest out during the crew battles and nearly succeeded in game one! Midwest adapted well after game one however, and ended up sweeping Team West in both crews and 2v2s.

Team Canada and Team South fought head to head to see who would secure their first win of this the 2021 Pro Series and Team Canada came out on top in the tiebreaker as Cosolix beat Pier 2-0.

That’s it for the second weekend of the 2021 North American Pro Series! Tune in this weekend for the fifth day and the semi-final and find out which two teams make it to the Pro Series Final!

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