Pavelski wins the European Parsec Invitational!

Pavelski wins the European Parsec Invitational!

Pavelski has secured his dominance in Europe with the recent results of the Parsec Invitational. Acno was only able to take one game off of Pavelski’s unstoppable Val, making Pavelski the European Parsec Invitational Champion.

In the North America Parsec Invitational, Sandstorm continues his renewed reign, this time bringing back the Greatsword that he so expertly wielded in 2020.

Snowy was able to challenge Sandstorm in Winners Finals, but after Sandstorm knocked Boomie out in Losers Finals 3-2, Sandstorm found his stride and won the Grand Finals Bracket Reset using Mako the entire time in the final set.

Here are the results for the Parsec Invitational!

Europe Parsec Invitational VOD
North America Parsec Invitational VOD

EU Parsec Invitational Bracket

NA Parsec Invitational Bracket

That’s it for the Parsec Invitational! The action never stops during the Brawlhalla Esports Year six – the next seasonal championship is the Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2021!

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