Sandstorm destroys the competition with Magyar in the NA Mammoth Invitational!

Sandstorm destroys the competition with Magyar in the NA Mammoth Invitational!

The Mammoth Invitational in both regions featured some surprising upsets for the favored players in both regions.

In Europe, Swata took down Acno 3-0 with one of the most surprising upsets of the season and squared off against simpLe in the Winners Finals. The two went head to head in a fierce Bodvar mirror match-up. In both the Winners Finals and Grand Final, simpLe proved to be too tough an opponent for Swata and simpLe won the title 2021 EU Mammoth Invitational Champion.

In North America, Zelchy 3-0’d Boomie in Winners Round 1 and Sandstorm was taken down by Sting Ray in the Winners Quarter-Final. It wasn’t until after this occurrence that Sandstorm leveled up with his Magyar in the lower bracket and began sweeping every opponent he faced with his amazing Greatsword play.

By the time Sandstorm made it back to the Grand Final for a rematch with Sting Ray, he was playing on a completely different level from before and he won the NA Mammoth Invitational with a 3-0 in the Grand Final Reset.

Here are the results for the EU & NA Mammoth Arcadian 2021!

EU Mammoth Invitational 2021 VOD
NA Mammoth Invitational 2021 VOD

EU Mammoth Invitational 2021 Bracket

NA Mammoth Invitational 2021 Bracket

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