Two weeks after the Midseason Championship was Low Tier City, a tournament held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With a $20,000 prize pool, players competed not only for cash but the chance to play on the captivating main stage on finals Sunday. This is the recap of Brawlhalla at Low Tier City.

Pictured: Brawlhalla setups moments before Low Tier City began.

The weekend started off strong with a phenomenal 2v2 Top 6. @Tempo_Storm Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz /@Wildcard_GG Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers, the best team in the world, were in Winners Semis, fighting against the unusual pairing of @InControlNation Carlos “Ethan” Cortes/Noel “noeL” Rosario. Low Tier City was the first Brawlhalla event in 2019 where Brandon “Lil Capped” Anderson and Ethan were not teaming together. Fans were worried that the two players would struggle being on unfamiliar teams, but they were both able to find success in 2v2s at Low Tier City.

On the other side of the Winners Semi-Final was the team of Jonatan “CakeÖvragård/Lil Capped. Cake teamed with Lil Capped as his usual teammate, @TeamPHZ Aleksi “Addymestic” Sillanpää, could not make it out to Arlington. The two made a fearsome duo as their on-stage punishes were unmatched throughout the event. eggsoup/Zack “LDZ” Lanbay rounded out the top side of 2v2 Top 6 as Cake/Lil Capped’s opponents.

Pictured: eggsoup (center)

Pictured: Zack “LDZ” Janbay (left)

The lower bracket contained two amazing match-ups. There was Robert “STTP WILSON” McKelvey/Velo_citY | Brian versus Tyler Starlight Whitaker/@Wildcard_GG Zach “wrenchd” Gundersen and Vincent “Phazon” Riese /Ngwa “Remmy” Nforsi versus Zachary “SillyGobi” Tate/ @GlobalBreakout Cole Cosolix B. Starlight/wrenchd won their set against STTP WILSON/Velo_citY | Brian convincingly without dropping a single game. Phazon/Remmy secured their victory with a 3-1 scoreline.

The early lower bracket showing from Phazon/Remmy was a surprise to many Brawlhalla Esports fans. The 2nd best team in the World had ran into eggsoup/LDZ in Winners Quarters and lost. Bringing out the Legend combo of Fait and Dusk, eggsoup/LDZ proved to be too challenging for Phazon/Remmy and had established their team to be a threat for all of the teams at Low Tier City. In game 1, Phazon/Remmy had created a 2v1 situation for LDZ, but their team synergy couldn’t bring down the “Two Time” and LDZ won the set, 3-1.

Winner Semis began with Boomie/Sandstorm against Ethan/noeL. Sandstorm played Xull, a Legend he has transformed into a tournament terror, while Boomie complimented his pick with Petra, the newest Legend to the roster. Ethan/noeL fought against their opponents with their respective legend picks of Hattori/Koji. Game 4 brought up a 2v1 situation. Ethan and noeL fought with one damaged stock a piece against the two stocks of Sandstorm. While Sandstorm has certainly made comebacks in situations like that before, Ethan/noeL brought on too much pressure for Sandstorm to even land on the ground, let alone fight back. Game 5 started off even, but as it progressed Sandstorm destroyed his opponents with Xull’s cannon and Boomie ended the set off with the most impressive team combo of the tournament.

Pictured: Brawlhalla crowd reacting to the crazy team combos on stage.

Up next was Cake/Lil Capped against eggsoup/LDZ. eggsoup/LDZ had been fighting their way through the Low Tier City 2v2 bracket with their stellar offstage play. Much of what eggsoup had been executing was very high risk, high reward. The high risk was definitely showcased when the team came up to fight Cake/Lil Capped and eggsoup found himself losing stocks off-stage early in multiple matches. Game 4 had LDZ in a 1v2 just like the one he experienced against Phazon/Remmy, but this time his opponents got the better of him. Cake/Lil Capped took the set 3-1 and moved on to face Boomie/Sandstorm.

Boomie/Sandstorm had no way of knowing what they were in for when it came facing Cake/Lil Capped. Before Low Tier City, nobody would have even considered the pairing of these two players from NA and EU. Now, the two were in Winners Finals against the best team in the world.

The set started off perfectly even, with both teams taking one game off the other. Despite Cake and Lil Capped lacking in developed team-combo synergy, their on-stage fundamentals were so great in addition to their punishes when opponents hit their teammates that it seemed that they could take any team at the event. Game 4 came around and Lil Capped fought the 1v2 of a lifetime. He takes out Boomie, and begins putting damage onto Sandstorm as well. An offstage scuffle occurs, and it ends with Lil Capped dramatically reaching for the weapon he would use to take out Sandstorm only to fall short of touching the ledge of Blackguard Keep on the way down, falling to his death. Boomie and Sandstorm proceeded to the Grand Finals of Low Tier City.

Pictured: Brawlhalla crowd getting ready for an exciting 2v2 finale.

In the lower bracket, Remmy/Phazon got busy showing everyone why it was a surprise they were in there to begin with. They proceeded to mercilessly 3-0 each and every team that came up to face them. Ethan/noeL, eggsoup/LDZ, Cake/Lil Capped; none were spared from their rampage. Something about their play changed when they dropped into the lower bracket, and that change allowed them to play nine tournament games in a row and not drop a single one. Remmy/Phazon bulldozed their way into Grand Finals to fight the one team that stands in their way of being the best: Boomie/Sandstorm.

The set began with a heartbreaking game 1 for Phazon/Remmy fans; they started off with such a huge lead, yet Boomie/Sandstorm were able to take the win. The next game was looking very similar until Remmy got the pivot scoop with the Grapple Hammer to take Sandstorm off the top of the stage and even the score. The set stayed close, and soon it was game 5. Phazon was isolated for a split second and nearly took enough damage to put Remmy into a precarious 1v2 situation, but he managed to stay alive and at the very end and Phazon/Remmy clutched the final game and got the Grand Finals bracket reset.

Pictured: Vincent “Phazon” Riese (left) and Ngwa “Remmy” Nforsi (right) in their winning moment.

Game 1 on the bracket reset was looking strikingly similar to game 1 of the first set. Remmy/Phazon accrued a massive lead, bringing Boomie down to his final stock in under a minute, yet somehow the game was brought to a last stock situation between Phazon and Sandstorm— this time, Phazon won. The remaining matches went back and forth, and when game 4 came around Remmy/Phazon were up 2-1. The match looked like it could have been either teams game and it was only at the very end when Boomie’s last stock got removed off the top of Mammoth Fortress that everyone witnessed the best team in the world finally being defeated at an offline event. Remmy/Phazon are your Low Tier City 2v2 Champions!

Pictured: The crowd gathered to watch the Brawlhalla 1v1 finals.

With the incredible upset of Boomie/Sandstorm in the 2v2 Finals, everyone was excited to see what would happen in the 1v1 Top 6 bracket. The Brawlhalla 1v1 Finals were had on the main stage of the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In the winners bracket was Sandstorm against LDZ and Boomie against STTP Wilson. In the lower bracket was noeL and Ethan, waiting to see who their opponents would be.

Pictured: Alex “Sparky” Rahaim (left) and Duc Pham (right) ready to cast Sunday finals.

The finals day began with the Winners Semi-Final match between Sandstorm and LDZ. After game 1 the results were clear: it was completely favored for Sandstorm. None of LDZ’s blaster Legends were a match against Sandstorm’s unstoppable Mordex. Sandstorm won with a clean 3-0 and moved on to Winners Finals. Boomie vs STTP Wilson played out in almost the exact same manner: none of STTP Wilson’s approaches with Lin Fei were viable against Boomie’s Petra. Boomie also won with a clean 3-0 and went on to face his 2v2 teammate in the Winners Finals.

Boomie and Sandstorm were determined to win 1v1s after their 2v2 placement. Both of them wanted to go home with a championship win and it was no longer possible for both of them to do that after their 2nd place finish in 2v2s. With their drive to win, they inevitably matched up against each other in the winners finals of Low Tier City. Getting into grand finals on the winners side is incredibly important and both players were going to fight with everything they had to get there.

Before winners finals was the rest of lower bracket. After their losses against Boomie and Sandstorm, STTP Wilson went down to fight against noeL and LDZ went to fight Ethan. noeL and STTP Wilson engaged in a battle of katars, one that noeL won 3-1. LDZ, with the fresh experience of getting destroyed by Sandstorm’s Mordex, was given the perfect warm-up to crush Ethan 3-0, who used the same Legend and skin as Sandstorm in his fight against LDZ. To close it out before 1v1 Top 3 was the 4th place match between noeL and LDZ. noeL looked strong, but LDZ was stronger as his Dusk was able to knock him out 3-0.

Boomie versus Sandstorm was up next and the games were explosive. The shades of damage did not matter between these two players; at one point, Boomie was up two stocks, and then moments later Sandstorm had evened up the scoreboard with his off-stage katar play on Lin Fei. The games continued on in this fashion. Game 5 came around and this time Sandstorm was not able to bring it back. Boomie finished off Sandstorm’s last stock and celebrated with a satisfying pop-off.

After LDZ methodically took down noeL, he got his rematch against Sandstorm. Just a mere hour before, Sandstorm had brutally knocked him into the lower bracket. The matches were closer this time, but ultimately Sandstorm proved to be too great of an adversary for the two-time world champ. Boomie and Sandstorm faced off once again in the Grand Finals at Low Tier City and the crowd was packed.

Pictured: The Esports Stadium finals stage in Arlington, Texas.

Pictured: Zach “Boomie” Bielamowicz(left), Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers (right) fighting in Grand Finals at Low Tier City.

Grand finals started off with a brutal game 1 victory for Sandstorm. Mammoth Fortress was the stage for game 2 and Boomie was able to bring the score to a tie, 1-1. Both players chose to go back to the same stage. Sandstorm 3-stocked Boomie and game 4 went to Brawlhaven where Boomie nearly 3-stocked Sandstorm as payback. Game 5 came up and Boomie was fighting to stop Sandstorm from getting the grand finals bracket reset; something that when Sandstorm got, he always won the set that followed.

Pictured: Low Tier City crowd watching Grand Finals.

The final game was on Mammoth Fortress and it went down to one stock for each player. At the very end, Boomie went for a gravity cancel light attack, barely missed, and Sandstorm punished him with the devastating Mordex down-signature and got the bracket reset. Once Sandstorm got the bracket reset, as he has always done throughout 2019, he won the grand finals.

Sandstorm is your Low Tier City 1v1 Champion!

Low Tier City was an amazing event! Sandstorm may have been stopped from winning every offline 2v2 event this year, but his 1v1 win streak is still intact. What will happen during the 2019 Summer Championship this weekend? Find out by catching it live this Saturday, July 27th 2019 at!

The tournament will be multi-streamed live on all official Brawlhalla media outlets, including Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Tune in anywhere from July 27th – 28th to witness the greatest players in Brawlhalla battle for fame and fortune!


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