Open to the Public: Spring Royale May 17-19th

Open to the Public: Spring Royale May 17-19th

The Spring Royale welcomes an open audience for the first time. From May 18-19 come see the action in person in Atlanta, Georgia.

Limited tickets are available now at:

The Spring Royale is the culmination of the Winter Circuit and features the best 12 Brawlhalla players in the world.

  • North America: Sandstorm, Raydish, Guichabou, Java
  • Europe: Godly, Skeldra, Neeze, Mounir
  • South America: Kyna, Yüz, Wess, Lores


Players compete against each other in a rigorous round robin bracket on Saturday the 18th. The best five from the round robin advance into the finals bracket on Sunday the 19th. The other players have a chance at redemption by completing the gauntlet to get the last spot in the elimination bracket.

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