New champions have been crowned as BCX Singles in four different regions concluded over this past weekend!

In Australia, Kylar Alice destroyed the competition with Jhala, dropping only one game in the Grand Final against Dummy.

In Southeast Asia, sire made an incredible run through the lower bracket. He started in the first round of losers after losing to himwy and fought his way to the Grand Final to take down Tiger in the Grand Final Reset.

Europe crowned a new BCX Champion as Swata surprised everyone with a dominating 3-0 over Acno. Swata had gone the entire season without taking a single set off simpLe, and it was here at BCX that he finally overcame his bracket demon and won the whole tournament in the Grand Final.

In South America, Power Ranger proved that not only are they  the fiercest doubles player in the region, but that they are truly the best player in South America. Power Ranger went through the entire bracket without dropping a single set, double eliminating Wes in the Winners Final and Grand Final.

Here are the results for 2021 World Championship Singles in Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America!

Australia and Southeast Asia VOD
Europe VOD
South America VOD

Australia Bracket

Southeast Asia Bracket

Europe Bracket

South America Bracket

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