Team Northeast wins the 2021 Pro Series Final!

Team Northeast wins the 2021 Pro Series Final!

Team Northeast faced off against Team Midwest in the 2021 North American Pro Series Final! The battles were fierce and the match went all the way to the 1v1 tiebreaker between Wrenchd and Sandstorm.

Here are the results of the 2021 North American Pro Series Final!


Team Midwest fielded Wrenchd as the first player in their crew battle line-up, hoping to snipe Sandstorm who they expected to lead the charge. Instead, Northeast lead with Zinquer, who did a remarkable job holding his own against Wrenchd and giving Snowy and Sandstorm an easier path to victory.

Game three of the crew battle came down to a battle between Sandstorm and T1FF4NY, three stocks to three stocks. Sandstorm secured the win, giving Team Northeast the lead as they moved on to face Midwest in 2v2s.

The best-of-nine 2v2 match would be held between Boomie and Phazon on Team Midwest and Simba and Santy on Team Northeast.

Simba and Santy started off strong with a victory in game one, taking down their opponent’s double Hattori team composition with Hattori and Koji. As the games progressed, Boomie and Phazon got harder and harder to beat, so Simba and Santy switched to double Val to stand up to them.

Once the set was tied up 3-3, Boomie and Phazon decided enough was enough, and decimated their opponents the two games after, securing Team Midwest a victory in 2v2s.

With the total score being 1-1, the Pro Series Final went to a tiebreaker. Northeast’s anchor was Sandstorm and Midwest picked Wrenchd. Sandstorm locked in Mordex for game number one, showing how serious he was in taking Wrenchd down and securing Team Northeast the win right off the bat.

Very few people in the world have taken games off Sandstorm’s Mordex, let alone won sets against it. The Pro Series Final was no different. Sandstorm destroyed Wrenchd, not even giving up a game, and won the best-of-five tiebreaker 3-0.

This concludes the 2021 North American Pro Series! The Brawlhalla action never stops during Brawlhalla Esports Year Six – in two weeks will be the 2021 European Summer Championship.

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