The 2021 North America Pro Series Draft took place over this past weekend! Six teams representing regions across North America drafted from a pool of the highest Power Ranked players in the game. Each team is built off of the top three players in their respective region, with the remaining three players being drafted.

Here are the results of the 2021 North America Pro Series Draft!

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This graphic displays the starting line-up for each team. The teams in order from highest seed to lowest seed is as follows:

  1. Team Northeast – Snowy, Santy, Sandstorm
  2. Team Midwest – Boomie, Wrenchd, Phazon
  3. Team MDVA Remmy, Cody Travis, Sting Ray
  4. Team South – Noel, Ethan, Pier
  5. Team Canada – Cosolix, Pugsyxd, Crockie
  6. Team West – Wubz, Zexis, Blaizzy

Each team would pick new teammates from a Draft Pool of eligible players.

The graphic above depicts a list of all of the Brawlhalla Players available to be drafted. The first number to the left of their name is their 1v1 Power Ranking and the second number is their 2v2 Power Ranking.

This graphic depicts the draft order for each team. Team West drafted first, followed by Team Canada, and so on.

Once Team Northeast drafted their player, the draft order would begin again, starting with Team West.

Here are the First Round Draft results!

  1. Team West – Java
  2. Team Canada – Megd
  3. Team South – Hardymj
  4. Team MDVA Lil Capped
  5. Team Midwest – Zacoi
  6. Team Northeast – Simba

In the Second Round Draft, each team would decide on their final main roster player.

Here are the Second Round Draft results!

  1. Team West – Luna
  2. Team Canada – ithrowow
  3. Team South – Parallel
  4. Team MDVA imLlama
  5. Team Midwest – Tiff4ny
  6. Team Northeast – Zinquer

In the Alternate Round Draft, each team would decide on their alternate player.

Here are the Alternate Round Draft results!

  1. Team West – animefan1266
  2. Team Canada – Isidroo
  3. Team South – Experience
  4. Team MDVA STTP Wilson
  5. Team Midwest – Starlight
  6. Team Northeast – Darkgoul

That concludes the 2021 North America Pro Series Draft!

The 2021 NA Pro Series begins on July 10, 2021 and will be streamed every weekend throughout the month of July.

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