The Brawlhalla Midseason Championship 2022 is this weekend!

The Brawlhalla Midseason Championship 2022 is this weekend!

Get ready for one of Esports Year 7’s premier events, it’s time for the Brawlhalla Midseason Invitational! Starting this Friday, June 10th, professional Brawlhalla players from all over the world are being flown out to a studio in Atlanta, Georgia to compete for a total prize pool of $150,000.

Thirteen players from North America, thirteen from Europe, four from South America, and one from Australia and Southeast Asia will be going head to head in three competitive formats:

  • A $10,000 Regional Crew Battle Showdown where the Top 4 1v1 players from North America, Europe and South America will compete as teams.
  • A $70,000 1v1 Tournament featuring the top 32 players from around the world.
  • A $70,000 2v2 Tournament featuring the top teams from North America, Europe and South America

Here are the invited players that will be competing this weekend and the pools they are in for the beginning of the 1v1 Tournament.

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Learn all about who is playing against who this weekend by visiting and get a more in depth look at the Brawlhalla Midseason Championship 2022 here.

Tune in to catch all the action on, and claim viewership rewards:

  • NEW: Esports colors v.3
  • NEW: Burrito Time! Emote
  • NEW: Toxic Ranseur Spear
  • Esports colors v.2
  • Twilly Sidekick

In addition to Viewership Rewards, make sure to watch the whole weekend for all sorts of different types of reveals!

Find out when the Brawlhalla Midseason Championship 2020 will be streamed in your timezone by visiting and make sure to catch all the action live at

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