Three New Circuit Tournaments Coming Up

Three New Circuit Tournaments Coming Up

This week we’re proud to announce three new offline Brawlhalla Circuit tournaments! We’ve been working hard with tournament organizers within the Fighting Game Community to bring Brawlhalla to more locations around the U.S. These tournaments are the result of those awesome tournament organizers who are giving Brawlhalla a home at their events.


The goal behind these events is to introduce Brawlhalla as a competitive title to these long running communities, while also providing an incentive to top players in the area and those who have Esport Teams behind them to compete offline. While we’re doing bigger things this year like the $100,000 World Championship, we strongly believe that small, local, offline play is critical for the success of Brawlhalla Esports, and it’s gonna be awesome.

Here’s some background on these tournaments:

Final Round is one of the longest running fighting game tournaments of all time, and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. They’re down the road from us in Atlanta Georgia, and last year they were the first FGC event to host Brawlhalla within their halls. We’re excited to be going back this year and to discover who the best players in Georgia are!

SLAM is in their second year, and is run by local FGC crew Level 482 Gaming. Level 482 had showed up constantly to Brawlhalla side tournaments at FGC events in the past year, and we’re excited to be bringing Brawlhalla to their backyard.

Gamers On the Edge 4 The Kids is an annual charity tournament run by Florida based nonprofit Gamers on the Edge.  We met them last year at CEO and they’ve been running Brawlhalla at their local tournaments throughout the past year. All of the proceeds from their event benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

We’re always looking for more communities and tournaments to bring Brawlhalla to! If there’s a tournament in your area you want to see Brawlhalla at, let us know! Just contact Raidhyn or Fodakahn on Twitter.


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