Winter Circuit Standings

Winter Circuit Standings

As a reminder of how the Circuit system works, after the completion of all four circuit events, the top four players who performed the best will qualify for a seasonal Royale. These 12 competitors, 4 from North America, 4 from Europe, and 4 from South America, will be invited to compete at the in-person Seasonal Royale. 

While each Circuit will have four official events, qualification into the Royale is contingent on only the best three placements from the Circuit. Effectively, this means that a competitor would only need to compete and perform well in three of the four events to qualify. More Info on point breakdowns can be found here

With the Trial of Frigg concluded, we have hit the halfway mark of the Winter Circuit. Below are the current point standings for each region and their journey to qualify for the Spring Royale. The next two open events that will provide points towards the Circuit will be the Trial of Baldr and the Trial of Skadi, which you can sign up for now at

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