wrenchd wins DreamHack Montreal!

wrenchd wins DreamHack Montreal!

Wrenchd winning another offline event is quite exciting, but there is no way that something just as crazy happened in 2v2s, right? That’s correct, something even crazier happened in 2v2s. @Wildcard_GG Stephen “Sandstorm” Myers/@Tempo_Storm Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz  were knocked into the losers bracket by @HaloclineGaming Cole “Cosolix” B./wrenchd, a team that is starting to become another staple in the competitive North American 2v2 scene. But Cosolix/Wrenchd did not win DreamHack Montreal 2019. @RCGEsportsHub Brandon “Lil Capped” Anderson/Andrew “ithrowow” Lim came through the lower bracket, eliminated Sandstorm/Boomie, and 6-0’d Cosolix/wrenchd in the Grand Finals, a team they had just been beaten by earlier that day. DreamHack Montreal 2019 was their first 2v2 tournament win as a team, and it looks like there are more to come.

DreamHack Montreal 2019 was an amazing event! With this tournament, wrenchd begins his win streak. Will he continue to be victorious as we near the World Championship? What will happen during the 2019 Autumn Championship this month? Find out by catching it live on Saturday, September 28th and 29th at Brawlhalla.com/watch!

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