Patch 7.06 – March 29th


Brawlhaven and Small Brawlhaven now have animated backgrounds!

Take a second to admire the grassy fields and cascading waterfall as you brawl.


New Game Mode: Volleybrawl

Set your teammates up for a spike in this fast-paced new Game Mode!

  • Hit the ball to change it to your team’s color.
  • If it lands on the opposing team’s floor while it’s your color, it’ll do damage.
  • Deplete the opposing team’s HP to score a point. First to 3 points wins!
  • Volleybrawl is available to play in Custom Game Lobbies & Offline Play.


New Gadget: Boomerang

This nimble Gadget hits anyone in its way when thrown, and while homing back to its thrower.

  • This Gadget flies in a large arc when thrown, homes back to its thrower, and hits anyone in its way.
  • This is the first gadget to travel through opponents.
  • The Boomerang will be available to try with Test Features on, in the Experimental queue, or in Training mode.


New Test Feature: Short-hop Accessibility

This aims to reduce the barrier-of-entry to the advanced “fastfall” mechanic.

  • Designed to reduce the barrier-of-entry to an advanced (but often essential) game mechanic.
  • It allows you to more easily be able to fastfall quickly after a jump by allowing the ‘Down’ input to be held any time after the jump. So, when the minimum height threshold for fastfall is reached after jumping, you will begin fastfalling at a near-optimal time without having to wait for the minimum height threshold before pressing ‘Down’.
  • More optimal timing can still be achieved by short-hopping the old fashioned way – by waiting for the minimum height threshold before pressing ‘Down’.



New Legend – Thea

  • Thea – “The Speedster”
  • Weapons: Battle Boots, Rocket Lance
  • Stats: 4 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 3 Defense, 9 Speed