BCX 2017 Returns!

BCX 2017 Returns!



Brawlhalla World Championship Returns With $100,000 Prize Pool, New Brawlhalla Circuit.

ATLANTA, Ga., January 6 – Today Blue Mammoth Games, developers of the popular fighting game Brawlhalla, announced the return of the Brawlhalla World Championship and a new worldwide tournament series.

The second annual Brawlhalla World Championship is part of the Brawlhalla Championship and Expo event (BCX) returning to Atlanta this November, and will feature prize pool of over $100,000.

“BCX 2017 will be bigger and better than ever this year,” said David Kisich, esports director at Blue Mammoth Games. “We had amazing competition in 2016, and a huge turnout from our community. We can’t wait for BCX 2017.”

This year however, the road for competitors to reach BCX is changing. The 2017 Brawlhalla World Championship will be a 32 player invitational. Competitors can earn an invite through success in the new Brawlhalla Circuit tournament series.

“The Brawlhalla Circuit lets us join forces with our competitive community and players,” said Kisich. “Multiple Brawlhalla tournaments globally, both online and offline, will be part of the Brawlhalla Circuit. Competitors play in Brawlhalla Circuit events, earn points, and the top players from every region will earn invites to BCX 2017.”

Despite moving to an invitational format, the open tournament format from last year’s Brawlhalla World Championship isn’t going away either.

“We’ve reserved three wildcard slots for the championship that will be given to the Top 3 of the BCX Open,” said Kisich. “BCX Open will be an open entry tournament at BCX similar to last year. Anyone who comes to BCX can play, and has a shot to compete and become the world champion.”

Brawlhalla competitors will also be able to earn invites through Regional Qualifiers, six online regional tournaments that take place a few months before BCX.

The first three major events scheduled in the Brawlhalla Circuit are the online Brawlhalla Winter Championship in February, the Brawlhalla tournament at CEO Dreamland in Orlando in April and the Brawlhalla tournament at Combo Breaker in Chicago in May. Circuit Tournament announcements from the Brawlhalla Championship Series, Brawl League, and other tournament organizations are coming soon.

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